Partnering with CBF field personnel Jenny Jenkins

Join CBF Heartland churches and mission teams as we partner with CBF field personnel Jenny Jenkins to share Christ’s transforming love in Haiti. In addition to relationship building, our mission engagement includes service through medical care, home repair, teacher training and micro-business development.

Magandou Medical Clinic

Our current emphasis is helping Jenny finance and build a medical clinic in the village of Magandou in the mountains above Grand Goave. The first steps in the project include building cisterns for the collection of rainwater. Previously, water for cooking, cleaning and other household uses was only available from a trapped spring miles away. The new cisterns will now provide water for the long-term needs of the clinic and community as well as the short-term needs of construction.

Community Partnerships

Jenny Jenkins’ long-term presence in the Grand Goave community help our partnership focus on the real, expressed needs of community members. Mission teams have focused on home repair for local widows, teacher training for local public school teachers, and literacy and VBS-type activities for school children.

For more information, contact Jeff Langford