CBF Heartland is a Connector
to foster community

Focused Collaboration – Bringing together leaders to leverage strengths and gifts

Authentic Partnerships – Linking more than 50 churches and ministries for deeper relationships

Trusted Support – Offering friendship in coaching, consultations and confidential conversations

CBF Heartland is a Convener
to build leadership

Missions Service – Providing hundreds of global missions opportunities close to home and around the world

Faithful Advocacy – Equipping churches and church leaders to transform unjust and broken systems

Mutual Learning – Sharing insights and best practices for effective ministry

CBF Heartland is a Catalyst
to cultivate resources

Christian Formation – Shaping publications and experiences to put faith into action

Financial Thriving – Helping dozens of pastors and churches move toward fiscal health

Baptist Identity – Telling the stories of our compelling Baptist witness through life-changing mission and ministry

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